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Window Tinting

Tinting the windows of your car, home and/or office can help protect your valuables and investments from the harsh Australian sun. In particular, protection from UV light can not only preserve the colours of your interior, curtains, furniture and flooring, it can also provide protection for your skin. Our films have a high percentage of UV light rejection, blocking out 99% of harmful UV light.

Our specialty films act as a safety barrier with its shatter resistance property. This film has the ability to hold glass shards together, containing the glass from shattering, avoiding a potentially hazardous scenario.

Typically window films are used to reduce glare and heat from the sun. Our range of films are effective in lowering the amount of light transmitted resulting in greater glare reduction.

Watch this video and see how effective the Rayno Phantom series film is at blocking out heat. You’ll be amazed!

We are here to help you choose the right film for your application. Give us a call on (02) 9567 8000 for an obligation free quotation.